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Camarillo and All of Ventura County ...

The Second Annual Camarillo Film Festival at Camarillo Community Theater Invite you to:

Submit your films and video projects for consideration starting 9/17/2010 with the deadlines being 10/10/2010 for professional submissions through 10/15/2010 for amateur and student submissions

Previous Entrants


  • General Rules

    Generally we are looking for student and professional films made within the Ventura county area, Using Ventura county actors and locations.

    Submission media may be USB Hard Disk, USB Thumb Drive or DVD.

  • Students

    Submit a description of your project by 10/15/2010 for consideration.

    Your project must be complete by 10/20/2010 to be shown on 10/24/2010.

  • Amateur Film Makers

    Submit the finished film by 10/15/2010 to be jurried you will be notified by 10/20/2010 if your film will be shown

  • Professional Directors

    Submit for jury consideration by 10/10/2010 you will be notified by 10/15/2010 if your film will be shown